Investment in innovation

SynbiCITE has funding available to accelerate and enhance innovation in synthetic biology that meet clear selection criteria and can demonstrate significant commercial potential.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (PoC) feasibility projects for potentially commercial products, tools, services or process developments are expected to run up to 3 months with up to £25k funding or up to 6 months with up to £50k funding.

Proof of Concept funding is used to provide:

  • Funding for staff to undertake specific activities to accelerate the commercial opportunity
  • Support for intellectual property protection, exploitation or freedom to operate reviews
  • Support for legal and professional costs including commercial business plan development and assessment of market size and reach
  • Support for prototype development, manufacturing cost assessment and other key aspects required as part of validating a commercial investment decision
  • Support to engage with commercial and investment partners that may have the capacity and potential to invest in a new product
  • Projects that are successful in their bid and are awarded funding are expected – if the concept is proved or proved feasible – to take the project forwards; we are not minded to fund projects that will not be taken forwards and developed into DoP projects or closer to market. SynbiCITE will help such projects to find the next stage of funding or will recommend projects for submission to other funding opportunities from SynbiCITE or other funders or investors.

    You can refer to the Resources section below for any relevant documentation.

    Development of Prototype

    Development of Prototype (DoP) funding is intended for longer, larger projects where proof of concept and feasibility has already been demonstrated; it might be that this is taking an existing project to the next stage development of prototype. Funding ranges from £50k -£1M, these must be collaborative and are funded 40% by SynbiCITE, and are expected to run for 6 months to 2 years.

    You can refer to the Resources section below for any relevant documentation.

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