4 day MBA in Biotechnology

Developing entrepreneurship in synthetic biology

Building a synthetic biology-rich biotech business from scratch

As part of SynbiCITE’s drive to commercialise synthetic biology through taking R&D excellence in the lab to the development of tools, products, processes and services for high value manufacturing industries, we have developed a 4-day MBA to help develop the natural entrepreneurship that is so keenly demonstrated across our wide range of partners.

This four-day interactive course will cover the main strategies required to establish, build and manage a biotech company built around synthetic biology. Particular focus will be given to the early stages of setting up a company, getting funding and understanding the wider reaches of IP. This will be presented along with case studies from experts in these areas.

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Who is it for?

This course is ideal for synthetic biology-using biotech leaders of the future, especially those wanting to start-up their own business or in early stage businesses that use synthetic biology.

It is aimed at budding entrepreneurs, from post graduates to seasoned academics, who want to gain a thorough understanding of the biotech sector and how to start a biotech-based business, in particular one based around using synthetic biology.

Applications for BrisSynBio 23-27th April 2017 course

BrisSynBio will be hosting its first ‘4-day More Business Acumen (MBA)’ course for synthetic biology. We are looking for entrepreneurial researchers at any career stage from postgraduates to seasoned academics and industrialists at any UK institution. There are 30 spaces are available and the course will take place in Bristol. Information on how to apply can be found here.

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Learn from experts in Biotech

The course is facilitated by an expert in the biotech and pharma commercialisation field: Simon Bennett. Simon is an independent consultant and registered Growth Coach with over 20 years of biotech industry experience. He mentors and advises early-stage businesses and management teams, and has senior management experience from start-up through to IPO and trade sale. Throughout the course he will draw upon his experience, not only in biotech, genomics and specialty pharma, but also in web 2.0 and 3.0 company management.

Simon currently manages a portfolio of around ten companies and is a board director of MitoDys Therapeutics, colwiz and Catapult Intelligence. He is currently advising and providing business development support to several companies, including Menarini Biotech, Oxford PharmaScience plc and YourEncore, for which he has served as an expert panelist advising companies such as Ernst & Young and Big Pharma. He has been involved in over 60 commercial deals, with both Big Pharma and biotech companies, across North America, Europe, Australasia and Japan. Simon has published widely, particularly in the field of complex disease genetics, and has also co-authored four patent applications.

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