Dr Tabasum Farzaneh

Senior Industrial Officer

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Tabasum has a research background in molecular genetics and experience as a postdoctoral scientist. Her PhD was in clinical pharmacology in the department of Medicine at UCL, and she subsequently worked as a cancer biologist at the GOSH Institute of Child Health.

Tabasum is an entrepreneurial individual who previously helped transform an evolving cellular biobank into a global success by expanding its regenerative medicine service portfolio offering - from development though to launch and marketing.

She has experience of owning and developing strategic relationships, the identification and exploitation of commercially savvy research collaborations, and in the management of the surrounding intellectual property.

Tabasum recently joined SynbiCITE in a partnership with NPL to help industry accelerate the commercialisation of world-class synthetic biology in terms of new products, processes and services. She is the primary channel for industrial liaison, helping SMEs working on biometrology and standards projects develop new opportunities and scale up their products and toolboxes.