Bluegene Technologies Ltd

  • Industrial
  • London, United Kingdom


BlueGene Technologies Ltd is a Biotechnology start-up based at the Imperial College Incubator. Applying synthetic biology, bioinformatics and advanced molecular biology know-how, BlueGene’s speciality is developing unique microbial strains and technologies for bio-conversions of low-cost starting compounds to high-value chemicals and the production of novel chiral precursors for use in organic syntheses.

BlueGene’s vision is to replace existing bulk industrial chemical production methods with efficient, environmentally safe bio-conversions that avoid the use of toxic chemicals, prevent formation of unwanted side-products and reduce waste.

Company details

  • Sector Environment
  • Product Bioindigo, microbial strain / process development; bioremediation


Bluegene Technologies Ltd

Imperial College Incubator

Level 1 Bessemer Building

Imperial College London

London, SW7 2AZ

United Kingdom