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CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd. (CHAIN) is an Industrial Biotech company founded in September 2014 by Dr Edward Green and Dr Basil Omar and is based at Imperial College London’s Incubator.

The company’s primary focus is on the development of advanced fermentation technology for the production of high value chemicals and in particular chiral chemical intermediates used in a variety of applications such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and fragrances.

The Company develops non-conventional microbial hosts (chassis) focusing on engineering robust anaerobic bacteria. CHAIN builds on recent advancements in molecular and synthetic biology combined with automated methods for accelerating microbial strain and fermentation process improvements. In partnership with academic and industrial collaborators, CHAIN develops cutting edge microbial technology to bring renewable fine chemical products to market.

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Chain Biotech

Imperial College Incubator, Level 1 Bessemer Building

Imperial College London

London, SW7 2AZ

United Kingdom

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