Green Biologics

  • Industrial
  • Oxon, United Kingdom


Green Biologics Ltd. is a renewable chemicals company focussed on developing and delivering new green alternatives for everyday products. Their core products are renewable n-butanol and acetone.

Their technology platform is built on biology and chemistry with core expertise in Clostridium microbial fermentation. They are using their novel technology platform to develop a robust product pipeline, extending the range of green chemicals and applying downstream synthetic chemistry to generate chemical derivatives used in a wide variety of everyday products (paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, textiles, cosmetics, food ingredients, household and industrial cleaners, shampoos and personal care products, fragrances, synthetic rubber, and a myriad of other end uses).
Green Biologics is transforming the global chemicals market, providing its customers with products and technology that are more sustainable and higher value than petroleum-based alternatives.

Company details

  • Sector Biofuels
  • Product n-Butanol, acetone and derivatives


Green Biologics

80F Park Drive

Milton Park

Oxon, OX14 4RY

United Kingdom

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