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Water quality and other production chemistry issues can diminish system efficiency if left unchecked — and experience is essential when it comes to testing and treatment. Souring may affect the materials of construction; scaling and other production chemistry issues may affect layout or require chemical dosing and, if water is to be injected, the rock injectivity will determine filtration requirements.

John Crane's Oil Plus team, relies on specialized, proven techniques to optimize oilfield water treatment and injection/disposal systems for improved water quality and flow assurance, as well as reduced operating costs.

As a world-leading independent consultancy in oilfield and gas field water management, our team can provide everything from on-site water testing and laboratory analysis to specialty monitoring equipment and topside separation solutions. We help ensure that new systems are cost-efficient and existing systems are performing at their peak. Our specific services include:

  • Water treatment and injection system specification
  • Flow assurance studies
  • Microbiological sampling, analysis and mitigation studies
  • Independent chemical assessment
  • Process engineering design studies
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Troubleshooting and debottlenecking studies
  • Operational support services
  • Training
  • Custom research and development projects

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Oil plus

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