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Suterra is the leading provider of biorational products for agricultural crop protection and commercial pest control. Suterra’s flagship line of CheckMate® agricultural products utilises pheromones to disrupt the mating behaviour of harmful pests.

The use of pheromones for mating disruption is an increasingly important component of growers’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs around the world. CheckMate® simulates the naturally-occurring process of pheromone release from female pests, confusing males and preventing them from mating. Compared to traditional insecticides, CheckMate® products offer little-to-no toxicity, leave no harmful residues, do not contaminate ground water and do not disrupt beneficial insect populations. In countries around the world, growers have dramatically reduced their use of traditional insecticides by using low rates of pheromone per acre over the course of a growing season.

Suterra uses pheromones and other insect attractants in a broad portfolio of Traps and Lures for capturing and monitoring over 150 pest species. In addition to agriculture, these products are used for commercial food storage, ornamental crops and living spaces.

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