The Genome Analysis Centre (TGCA)

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  • Norwich, United Kingdom


The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) is a vibrant, contemporary research institute working in an area of rapid technological development and innovation.

Their mission is to advance bioscience by enabling and developing computational and genomics data-driven approaches in biology.

Their vision is to build excellence in genomics and computational bioscience to develop the Norwich Research Park as a world-leading centre in bioinformatics and applied biotechnology.

TGAC has developed to be one of the leading UK research and innovation research centres specialised in genomics applied to plant, animal and microbial science. The strategy has relied on the implementation of novel applications, establishing collaborative work and the development of skills to advance knowledge and promote the growth of the UK bioeconomy.

TGAC’s development has been founded on a culture defined by the following values:

  • Openness – TGAC promotes the dissemination of data and distribution of software code by following data-sharing policies that are embedded in all the research programmes.
  • Technical Excellence – As a national capability TGAC is committed to test, evaluate and offer access to cutting-edge technologies, staff training and protocol development.
  • Skilled personnel – TGAC pursues excellence at all level of operations this is reflected in the Strategic Human Resources programme.
  • Innovation – Access to novel technologies and state-of-the-art hardware platforms provides the foundation for instigating novel solutions and innovative science.


The Genome Analysis Centre (TGCA)

Norwich Research Park


Norwich, NR4 7UH

United Kingdom

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