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SynbiCITE launches its Engineering Biology ‘Industry Club’

As a community we have seen that synthetic biology applications have the potential to bring about profound changes to the production of food, materials and chemicals, and help address pressing global challenges such as chronic disease, climate change and food security.

Yet we are living through unprecedented times; it may be the response to the post-COVID-19 world will provide Synthetic Biology’s real breakthrough moment. The pandemic has opened doors to new SynBio approaches and has accelerated trends already in motion.

We’re also heading out of the major phase of COVID-19 disruption. We’re making future plans, rebuilding and re-aligning against economic development strategies for the scientific community at large.

This is why we think it is timely to launch our exclusive Industry Club; sustainable business strategies include all stakeholders, including new and emerging organisations. We’re well positioned to help facilitate economic recovery; SynBiCITE is the UK’s national translation and commercialisation hub for 50+ companies ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations.

The Industry Club will form an exclusive close-knit community of Synthetic Biology professionals, both in the UK and internationally. As it evolves it will provide a forum through which innovative SMEs, spin-outs and start-ups can connect and form a sense of community. It will enhance the existing relationships that already exist between SynbiCITE and numerous companies in the field, as well as help facilitate relationships with new partners.

We can act as a broker to help companies identify suitable partners capable of providing synthetic biology solutions to their problems, as well as help uncover innovative solutions that are unique to the field.

We can also reduce the barrier to entry into synthetic biology by offering the resources and facilities to explore your new technology. We offer access to SynbiCITE’s London Biofoundry at the Imperial College Translation and Innovation Hub; our evolving infrastructure provides the computational and biological capabilities to rapidly design, prototype and test living systems for specific applications.

Via direct collaboration with the UK’s National Measurement Institute, NPL, SynbiCITE is also playing a pivotal role in the formation of a community that is committed to addressing the standards and metrology constraints and challenges that are unique to contemporary Synthetic Biology. We’re committed to engaging with our industry partners to understand such challenges, and which of those you encounter at the scale-up stage of the value chain during your strategies to commercialise.

You can read about how SynbiCITE has already helped transformed numerous businesses here.

General membership to our Industry Hub is free; however, we’d like to understand how we can best support you.

Please email, directly to gain exclusive access to our resources and tell us about the most pressing challenges you’re facing as a company. What are your key priorities as we move into the post-COVID-19 era? We’re keen to find out…

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