Synthetic biology is predicted to be a £62bn market by 2020

There’s never been a better time to invest in synthetic and engineering biology technologies.

Today, Europe is the location for almost a third of the world’s synthetic biology start-ups and attracted more than $207 million USD in private investment in 2015 alone. The UK government has placed synthetic biology among ‘Eight Great Technologies’ and invested £150 million in research and training during the past four years. The research output from this on-going investment is poised for translation from the lab to the market.

The UK is well positioned to exploit this development, with our companies contributing nearly 10% of the global biopharmaceutical pipeline. With world-leading scientists and an entrepreneurial culture in the UK, pioneering synthetic biology start-ups have already delivered returns to investors.

UK success stories, such as the Intrexon (NYSE:XON) purchase of Oxford start-up Oxitec and growth of the gene-editing company Horizon Discovery Group (LSE:HZD), have heralded an explosion of new home-grown companies with offerings spanning novel therapeutic treatments to new biomaterials. SynbiCITE can help you navigate this sector and identify the right synthetic biology investment opportunity for you.

Our offering

SynbiCITE can help your company realise the economic potential of synthetic biology in many ways:

Due diligence

We’re a not-for-profit independent, perfectly placed to assess and monitor the business and scientific viability of emerging start-ups. We can provide written reports or verbal feedback, as well as the training and resources to ready businesses for investment.

Market intelligence

Our network of experts can give you valuable intelligence about the synthetic biology marketplace in the UK and globally. Our collaborative reach is international, with strong links to Europe and the United States.

Investor information. For investors wanting information and data on the vibrant and exciting synthetic biology start-up community in the UK, we are your first point of call.

We provide a yearly snapshot of the health of the UK synthetic biology start-up sector in our publication ‘SynbiCITE’s Annual UK Synthetic Biology Startup Report’, which outlines:

  • Where and what type of companies are being formed
  • Where investment is being targeted
  • How research outputs are being translated

If you would like a copy, please click here to access the pdf.

SynbiCITE Investor Network (SIN) is a business angels network for investors and private companies interested in investing in early-stage start-ups working with synthetic biology. It provides a vehicle for private individuals and companies to meet, discuss and plan their investments. Established in 2016, SIN is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Access to SIN is currently free and is open to both investment professionals and private investors.

Membership entitles you to receive:

Business proposals circulated on behalf of pre-seed and early-stage companies looking for funding

Invitations to our regular Investment Meetings, at which both early-stage and established spin-out companies present their funding opportunities.

Invitations to special investor events. This year we held a SynbiCITE Investor Breakfast, hosted by Lord Willetts, at the House of Lords. This provided a forum for leading figures and companies in synthetic biology to showcase their new products and investment opportunities.