London Biofoundry

Engineering biology technologies for the advancement of synthetic biology

SynbiCITE is home to the London Biofoundry.

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Funded by the Research Councils UK, The London Biofoundry is at the core of SynbiCITE’s facilities hub, providing a suite of state-of-the-art robotic equipment supplying automated end-to-end design, construction and validation of large gene constructs. The London Biofoundry is specifically designed to support the commercialisation of synthetic biology allowing SynbiCITE’s partners to prototype new biologically based chemicals, drugs and materials.

Capabilities within the London Biofoundry:

  • Design of DNA components and pathway assemblies to create specific genetic constructs

  • Automated Assembly Platform
  • Automated Characterisation Platform - designed to perform the automated high-throughput characterisation of parts, chassis or devices.

  • A suite of high-throughput analytical equipment for metadata acquisition allowing characterisation and quantification across a range of biological products

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  • Statistical interpretation, predictive modelling, and pattern matching
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): a web-based application that allows the tracking of the workflow for any assembly.

Visit the London Biofoundry website to find out more.