Equipment and expertise

Cutting-edge engineering biology technology

Our aim is to support our partners in their commercialisation of synthetic biology.

SynbiCITE is home to the London DNA Foundry, which we hope will establish a common framework to build DNA by using an automated robotic system. With a common framework for creating DNA in place, synthetic biologists will be able to scale up the volumes of DNA produced to more easily test their new function. The following kit is available for use within the Foundry:

Cell analysis


Protein purification

Chemical analysis

  • Agilent 6550 LC/Q-ToF MS/MS
  • Liquid chromatography separation and mass spectrometric measurement of proteins, peptides and metabolites
  • Agilent GC/MS
  • Gas chromatographic separation and measurement of volatile or derivatised compounds
  • Agilent LC/RI/DAD
  • Separation and measurement of materials in solution with refractive index or UV-Visible detection

Liquid handling


Visit the London DNA Foundry website to find out more.