In-laboratory training

Providing technical support to develop your business

We are committed to sharing new approaches and discoveries in synthetic biology with our partners.

We do this by providing scientific workshops and technical training on all the equipment and platforms in the Foundry. We can provide in-lab hands-on training with all the automation and analytical equipment in the Foundry. This training will include an introduction to Design of Experiments, statistical analysis and automation. The aim of the training is to provide a degree of understanding of the concepts and issues involved, which you will be able to utilise in your own lab. It will also be an opportunity for you to develop your protocols supported by our team of dedicated technical staff on the automated platforms at the Foundry.

Introduction to automation

  • Automation for the life sciences: big and small
  • Automation to scale research and innovation
  • What can (and should) be automated?

Developing processes for automation

  • Identifying suitable processes
  • Breaking down these process into useful subunits
  • Laboratory information management systems

Case study and training: Automation within the SynbiCITE Foundry

  • Fabricating DNA using PCR
  • Automated DNA purification at scale
  • Assembly reactions and their common workflow
    • Defining reactions
    • Picking and mixing DNA
    • Addition of reagents and master mix
  • Transformation of competent cell
  • Screening for recombinants
  • DNA sequence validation
  • MS spec analysis
  • Characterisation of parts, devices and systems