Four-day MBA in Biotechnology

We are proud to offer a four-day MBA which provides training in entrepreneurship. It is ideal for those wanting to start their own business or in early-stage businesses that use synthetic biology.

It is aimed at budding entrepreneurs, from post-graduates to seasoned academics, who want to gain a thorough understanding of the biotech sector and how to start a biotech-based business using engineering biology technologies. We can teach you how synthetic biology fits into the broad IB space and high-value manufacturing, how to define the market opportunity, how to understand and protect intellectual property, and lots more.

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The Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Programme (LEAP)

LEAP envisions catalysing a next generation of leaders in synthetic biology by providing the environment to learn skills for engaging a broad range of stakeholders in the development of the field with a strong ethical foundation for the future.

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Synthetic biology courses & training

Many of the SynbiCITE academic partners run post-graduate degrees and other courses in Synthetic Biology, as part of our collective mission to train a well-qualified workforce for the emerging synthetic biology industry. A key part of this is the iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machines) competition that teams of our undergraduates participate in, and SynbiCITE will act as a national resource for UK teams. SynbiCITE also provides industry training courses and business leadership to start-ups and SMEs in particular.

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Lean LaunchPad Educators Programme

The Lean LaunchPad Educators programme is a two-day course designed for experienced entrepreneurship, engineering, and science faculty. It is a hands-on programme where you will experience the Lean LaunchPad process, and be given the tools to create a curriculum and course plan you can put to immediate use at your own institution.

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Lean Launchpad 2017

Lean Launchpad 2017

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