​LabGenius wins SynbiCITE BlueSkyBio prize

  • Posted on 9 December, 2015
The UK winner of the BlueSkyBio competition at the recent SynBioBeta conference in San Francisco is LabGenius which will receive £50k in grant funding from SynbiCITE. The competition winners were chosen by the audience at SynBioBeta with three winners coming from the US and one from the UK.

LabGenius was chosen because of its development of a novel DNA library synthesis technology that allows it to construct DNA libraries that are more diverse, accurate, and flexible than any other on the market.

James Field, CEO of LabGenius, said: “We are thrilled to have won the BlueSkyBio competition hosted by SynBioBeta. The award and £50k grant, sponsored by SynbiCITE, will be invaluable in helping LabGenius build and consolidate its position within the antibody engineering space. The grant will be used to conduct proof of principle experiments, build an online interface for antibody design and catalyse collaborations with key industry partners.”

James added, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank SynBioBeta for an outstanding conference and for organising the BlueSkyBio competition. Both events have prompted rich and vibrant discussions which have helped shape LabGenius' focus for 2016.”

Dr Steve Chambers, CEO of SynbiCITE, commented: “We would like to congratulate all four winners on their success, and in particular LabGenius. We are delighted to play our part in helping a UK company in its development. BlueSkyBio is a great opportunity to support innovators and start-ups with a particular focus in SynBio.