Prokarium receives £2M in Government contracts to develop new vaccines against emerging diseases and bioterrorist threats

  • Posted on 25 July, 2016

Keele, UK, 25th July 2016 – Prokarium today announced the award of funding from the UK and Mexican Governments for the development of three new vaccines against Zika, bacterial diarrhoea and plague. The most advanced of these vaccines is for the prevention of plague and the new funding will enable the Company to carry out a phase I clinical study starting in 2017.

Although it is now a rare disease, plague bacteria are easily cultured and could be made into an aerosol for bio-terrorism with less difficulty than for other disease-causing organisms. The challenge for governments is to have access to a ready stockpile of vaccines at short notice. As Prokarium’s new vaccine is stable at 4°C for over 3 years and will be delivered orally, it is ideal as a reserve and for urgent distribution to the general population.

Following a successful pre-clinical programme, Prokarium, with contractors DSTL and Biokinetic Europe, will start a very rapid bench-to-clinical study to demonstrate the safety and immune response of the vaccine in humans. The goal is to produce an oral vaccine that is easy to administer, highly effective and stable for long periods in storage. The project will also serve as a clinical proof-of-concept for Prokarium’s Vaxonella® platform, which promises to speed up the development of oral, thermostable vaccines in general.

Prokarium’s CEO Ted Fjällman commented: “We’re delighted to be recognised by some of the brightest minds in vaccine research and to receive contracts from both the UK & Mexican Governments. It gives us another chance to demonstrate the wide applicability of our synthetic biology platform Vaxonella®, which is already being tested with SynbiCITE funding for the development of a Chlamydia vaccine.”

Steve Chatfield, Chairman of Prokarium, added, “Our technology provides the means to rapidly develop and manufacture oral vaccines for emerging diseases and potential bioterrorist threats. All of our operations are based in the UK, enabling us to play our part in fulfilling the Government’s aim of strengthening the UK’s vaccine manufacturing capability so that it can be deployed rapidly in the face of emerging disease threats. We’re well placed to take advantage of any further funding opportunities and to work with other governments and international organisations.”

The new government contracts will last up to 2 years and will also enable further development of Prokarium’s vaccines for the Zika virus as well as bacterial diarrhoea and enteric fever. The £1M in funding for the plague vaccine comes from an initial SBRI programme, run by Innovate UK, tapping into the pledge of £120M to the UK Vaccine Network by the UK Government, aiming to increase national resilience to new and emerging global health threats.

About Prokarium

Prokarium is a privately owned, UK-based biotechnology company with a vision to create the best platform for oral delivery of vaccines. The company’s proprietary synthetic biology platform Vaxonella enables vaccines to be taken orally, and then to be made from inside the body’s own immune cells, triggering all arms of immunity with little or no side effects and at lower costs than injectable vaccines.

Prokarium has a dual business model: Development of in-house oral vaccines and out-licensing of its Vaxonella platform. Currently the focus is on preventing Chlamydia, Clostridium difficile and exacerbations of COPD & asthma. Prokarium is funded by Flerie Invest AB, it has research collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies and is currently raising a Series B investment to take its core vaccines into the clinic.



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