Addressing Global Challenges

  • Posted on 12 October, 2018
Expert insights from SynbiCITE's leadership on the role of synthetic biology in solving some of the most significant challenges currently faced by our society

In a recent collaborative short film, produced by the Royal Society of Biology and ITN Productions, SynbiCITE Co-Directors Professors Richard Kitney and Paul Freemont shared their expert views on the crucial role synthetic biology is playing in solving some of the biggest challenges our society faces, and in building a sustainable future for us all.

Watch full video here

The video looks and the power of synthetic biology in the creation of bespoke products and services adding value to the bioeconomy and to society. It illustrates SynbiCITE's role as a catalyst for converging knowledge, innovation and technology to power an industry of the future.

The film also features the London DNA Foundry and the work conducted there to commercialise bioscience technologies supporting our future and reducing our dependance on petrochemicals.

The biological industrial revolution is here, and the work of organisations such as SynbiCITE is critical in helping new companies thrive, as they commercialise technological advances with the potential to transform life sciences and add value to society.

Film produced the Royal Society of Biology and ITN Productions