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SynbiTECH 2020: The synthetic biology conference taking place in London, for business leaders involved in synthetic biology.

Mega money is being invested into synthetic biology companies and as the potential of designing biology, combined with engineering techniques, becomes reality – huge raises from both public and private companies continue to catapult synthetic biology technologies into every major industry – with a positively disruptive effect! As potential is realised, the investment continues to grow. SynbiTECH 2020 is the only UK based, international forum which brings together the companies at the forefront of innovation in this field. .

SynbiTECH, 26-27th October 2020 will discuss the latest technologies and innovations with the potential to revolutionise the impact of agricultural food production and consumption on the environment. World leading experts will share latest insights into the environmental factors affecting human health such as soil biodiversity, desertification, water use and water pollution, energy, climate change, chemicals and biotechnology.

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