2018 Meeting on UK Synthetic Genomics

  • Posted on 8 February, 2019

On the 17th September 2018, a one-day meeting entitled "Synthesising a Human Genome: What could go right? " was held at the Wellcome Trust in London. This meeting was called to discuss the UK’s position for the emerging research area of synthetic genomics, and how it would scale to projects in mammalian and human models.

The meeting began with presentations from key people in the UK and international synthetic genomics field, and continued with discussion and horizon scanning sessions. Natural scientists, policy makers, social scientists and funders were present to discuss the UK strengths for synthetic genomics, and debate ways forward and how to align with international projects, such as the US-led GP-Write initiative and similar initiatives in China.

A full write-up of this landmark meeting, including the schedule and attendees, is provided for download here.