Investing in a better future: a look forward to the SynbiCITE Investor Breakfast at the House of Lords

  • Posted on 13 March, 2017

Engineering biology is a catalyst for growing the global bioeconomy, and represents a clear money making opportunity. It will shape our future and is helping us solve many global challenges. The number of companies developing their business in this technology is ever increasing and the arena offers great investment opportunities.

In light of this, SynbiCITE will host an exclusive Investor Breakfast at the House of Lords on Tuesday the 4th of April. This will provide the opportunity for leading experts in engineering biology from business and academia, and investors in the bioeconomy from around the world, to meet and hear the latest industry insights over a fine English breakfast.

Along with 5 company pitches, the breakfast host Rt Hon. Lord Willetts and Prof Richard Kitney and Prof Paul Freemont, Co-Directors of SynbiCITE, will share their thoughts. This event facilitates pitches for investment opportunities to be heard, to discover how the technology is growing the global bioeconomy and to meet leading figures in Engineering Biology and companies developing products.

Investment in engineering biology and the bioeconomy has never been so important. This is illustrated by the Government’s pledge of providing an additional £4.7 billion R&D funding by 2020-21, published in the UK’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper, January 2017.

This event is testament to SynbiCITE’s ongoing commitment to accelerate and promote the commercial exploitation of synthetic biology research and technology to engineer biology, and to act as a nucleating point for this rapidly emerging industry.

We look forward to updating you on the outcomes of this meeting.