Q&A with Bio-Start mentor Debra Conway

  • Posted on 5 July, 2017

Q&A with Bio-Start mentor Debra Conway Managing Director, CyBio Northern Europe.

Bio-Start: What in your background makes you a good mentor to the Bio-Start participants?

DC: Having real life P&L responsibility for a small UK science company and having years of sales experience targeting relevant decision makers in my space.

Bio-Start: Where do you think you’ve had the biggest impact in supporting your Bio-Start entrepreneurs?

Please give an overview of the type of Bio-Start mentoring work you’ve done thus far.

DC: My Bio-Start mentoring has involved reviewing business plans, adding cost and sales budgets, critiquing presentations and refining company pitches in front of camera. But the most important contributions have been in helping entrepreneurs focus on their market and how to address it and turn leads into qualified prospects and ultimately sales. I work with my companies to develop a progressive, scalable three-year plan and create a clear marketing message.

I’ve enjoyed giving back to our science community to elevate some great ideas into future successful businesses.

Bio-Start: What do you feel these companies need the most at this stage of their development?

DC: An experienced team with mixed skills who can listen well and be focused on each company’s goals, market sector and how to address it.

Bio-Start: What do you think has been the most valuable part of the Bio-Start Bootcamp for the participants?

DC: Learning how to shift from academia to a business-like approach, as well as learning how to present only the salient facts to investors.

My team would be happy to take part in the next Bio-Start, it’s been a pleasure!