Carbon Capture and 2,3-Butanediol

Synthetic biology can offer a solution to the pollution produced by steel mills

With engineering biology, LanzaTech has developed a fully sustainable integrative gas-to-fuels-and-chemicals platform that has no impact on food, water security or high biodiversity land use.

LanzaTech was originally founded in 2005 in New Zealand. The company’s gas fermentation platform disrupts the current highly centralized global energy system by enabling the regional production of low-cost energy from local wastes and residues, including gases as varied as industrial flue gas, gasified biomass wastes and residues, biogas, and high-CO₂ stranded natural gas. The proprietary gas-to-liquid platform produces fuels and high-value chemicals, such as 2,3-butanediol (2,3 BDO) and acetic acid, from a variety of waste gas resources. LanzaTech’s biological microbes can utilize the lowest-cost, most readily available gas resources, including: waste industrial flue gases from steel mills, processing plants and refineries; syngas generated from any biomass resource (such as municipal bio-waste, organic industrial waste, and agricultural waste); coal derived syngas; and reformed natural gas.