Industrial Partners

Synthetic biology has the potential to transform your business

​Whatever your business sector or size, partnering with SynbiCITE can help you seize a competitive advantage.

A disruptive technology like synthetic biology has the potential to transform your business, whether by generating new materials, chemicals and energy, understanding biological computation, or by increasing the productivity of industrial processes.

Our Offering:

Access to knowledge and expertise

We have available an extensive network of experts, working in synthetic biology, spread across our academic and industrial partners. Also, SynbiCITE has the embedded technical knowledge and commercial expertise to facilitate the growth and success of industry by acting as a conduit for industry, academia and investors. We have successfully helped and prepared our partners find investors, customers and collaborators for funding opportunities.

Accelerated problem solving

We can act as a broker to help companies identify suitable partners capable of providing synthetic biology solutions to their problems. We work by finding either synthetic biology researchers or start-ups that are already working in this area and have solved similar problems, and then bring the parties together.

We have also facilitated and led industry-supported ‘sandpits’ around specific problems to uncover innovative solutions. Sandpits and problem-solution brokerage meetings provide the opportunity to directly influence the direction of synthetic biology research. All our industrial and academic partners are invited to participate in scientific and problem-solution brokerage meetings.

Exploring new technologies

We can reduce the barrier to entry into synthetic biology by offering the resources and facilities to explore this exciting new technology. We can help you to investigate how engineering biology technologies might benefit your business, enabling you to build a case before deciding whether to invest. In addition, we offer access to the London DNA Foundry at Imperial College with its state-of-the-art facility for DNA synthesis and assembly.