Synthetic biology for more effective scale-up

  • Manchester, United Kingdom


KTN, Innovate UK and Dstl synthetic biology workshops

Synthetic biology research is conducted at small scale in laboratory conditions. These conditions may not be ideal for subsequent scale-up for commercialisation. Chassis selection, media feed stocks and down-stream processes suitable for the laboratory may not be suitable in a production setting. As such, considerations of scale-up must be built in to early stage research to avoid problems, which may impede translation or affect profitability.


This workshop aims to address the knowledge gap between many synthetic biology researchers and the bioprocessing communities. The specific objectives are to:

  • Identify common challenges for scale up of synthetic biology products and how these challenges have been addressed in other similar fields;
  • Identify areas for consideration in the research phase to accelerate or facilitate translation;
  • Support new collaborations between UK synthetic biology researchers and bioprocessing technologists

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Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

The University of Manchester

131 Princess Street

Manchester, M1 7DN

United Kingdom

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