Synthace launches ground-breaking new whitepaper

  • Posted on 8 October, 2018
Computer Aided Biology: Delivering biotechnology in the 21st century

Comprehensive report heralds the beginning of Computer Aided Biology (CAB)

LONDON October 01 2018 - Synthace Ltd., the company behind the leading cloud software platform for automating and improving the success rate of biological research and development, is pleased to announce it has released a new comprehensive whitepaper entitled, Computer Aided Biology: Delivering Biotechnology in the 21st Century.

According to the report, Computer Aided Biology is a conceptual framework, around which there is an emerging ecosystem of tools that collectively transform how we approach biological research, development, and manufacturing. Computer Aided Biology is comprised of two domains: the digital and the physical. The Digital, powered by artificial intelligence includes software for the design and simulation of biological systems, as well as methods of collating, connecting, structuring, and analysing data. The Physical, enabled by automation, includes systems that allow for the seamless transfer of simulated biological designs and processes via abstracted experimental design, simulation, and automated physical execution. Only by connecting the entire tools ecosystem, and enabling an integrated loop, will scientists be able to address the challenges of 21st century biology.

This transformation of how people work, enabled by Computer Aided Biology, mirrors revolutions that have already changed how other industries, including semiconductors, automotive, and aerospace foundationally operate. The report delves into what can be learned from how those revolutions played out, as well as acknowledging the unique challenges that flow from the sheer complexity of biological systems.

"We're pleased to offer these insights and approach," said Tim Fell, CEO Synthace. "In this ground-breaking whitepaper, we highlight how the emerging Computer Aided Biology ecosystem is evolving, and how companies from the technology and life science domains are coming together to make biology a true engineering discipline."

"This whitepaper also shows that Synthace is a leading organisation helping researchers and manufacturers integrate the physical, digital and biological realms, the synergy of which is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution," Fell concluded.

The full detailed whitepaper can be found on the following link: